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About Us
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The Krakow architectural studio LK & PROJEKT has been active since 1991. It is co-created by a team of talented designers who every day reach for their layers of knowledge and creativity to create the best architectural designs.

We design buildings, especially single-family houses and residences, as well as street furniture and interiors. We offer ready-made house designs as well as individual projects tailored to the specific user.

We publish a quarterly in which we present the latest realizations of the LK & PROJEKT studio, combined with a dose of construction knowledge as well as anecdotes and photos from the inspiring travels or life of our main architect and founder of the studio, Leszek Kalandyk.

Our design office has been recognized on the domestic Polish market, as well as on the foreign market.

Why is it worth trusting us?
Because we are a studio that has been operating continuously for almost 30 years, during which time we built a thriving brand specializing in buildings, especially single-family buildings, but also others. We share with you the knowledge, realizations and part of ourselves in our quarterlies. We focus on a good relationship between an architect and an investor, because for us the basis for successful projects is to listen to and understand the needs of future building users. We know that architecture is above all a setting and background for life in progress, but also a place for the "spirit". We close our knowledge, passion and experience in each of our projects.
The main architect Leszek Kalandyk
The main architect Leszek Kalandyk

Leszek Kalandyk is a leading architect and founder of the LK & PROJEKT studio, a member of the Association of Polish Architects. Winner of awards and distinctions such as: SARP award - "Project of the Year 1985" - for the concept of a residential building - seals at ul. St. Filipa in Krakow, two awards in the competition "Your home - Dialogue with tradition" organized by the Local Government of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship in 2010 or the latest achievements - the main prize in the international competition "Beautiful Houses 2018" as part of the International Architecture and Interior Design Fair, first place in the international competition World Architecture & Design Awards 2019. The main direction of his design activities are single-family houses, but not only. Since the beginning of its activity, it has published the quarterly "Single-family House. Project & Implementation ”, presenting the offer of single-family buildings and residences.

Architecture for him is frozen music, always accompanying him in designing and one of the inspirations, next to travel around the world and the tradition of Polish house construction. The guiding principle during work is to create a good architect-investor relationship, consisting in attentive listening, learning and reading needs. There are no bad conditions and requirements for this architect.