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What does the project contain?
What does the project contain?
Architectural and construction Documentation

The finished architectural and construction project is a documentation that consists of three industry sections:

  • Architecture section
  • Building construction section
  • Engineering systems section

Each section and subsection contains a full technical description and all necessary drawings and diagrams.

01Architectural documentation
Technical description
The technical description contains the purpose and operational program of the object, basic data on areas and cubic capacity, detailed characteristics of design solutions and materials used in construction.
02Foundation's plan
Planning of strip foundations and Foundation walls, indicating all the markings necessary for proper placement of the building on the site.
03Plans for all floors
Layout of all building fences and rooms of a particular floor with all the markings, areas of all rooms, dimensions and placement of window and door openings, placement of chimneys, localization of basic equipment of internal systems, positions of structural elements of the building, as well as additional descriptive information.
04Plan of the truss system
The horizontal projection shows the roof structure with an indication of all the components, sections of these elements, and their positions on the projection.
05Roof plan
Planning of roof planes with indication of angles of inclination, method of drainage, location of drain gutters and downpipes, data on roofing, finishing of chimneys, localization of attic Windows, roof hatches and ventilation nozzles.
A diagram of a conditional section of the building along or across with a view of the building barriers from the Foundation level to the roof, a detailed description of the layers of building barriers, indicating the appropriate levels with and without finishing, marking the building in a vertical projection, as well as the necessary additional description.
Views of the building from the outside on four sides with a description of the adopted color solutions and data on materials, if necessary, supplemented with architectural details, such as the scheme of the cornice, etc.
08Window and door systems
A list of Windows and doors with an indication of the opening method and dimensions, data on materials and coloristics.
09List of materials and elements of the truss system
A list of the main building materials and structural elements of the roof truss system with an indication of the section geometry, the number of elements, and the total amount of wood per roof truss system.
10Building construction
Technical specification
The description presents the static diagrams used in the project with the corresponding strength calculations, a description of the structural elements indicating all structural positions, a description of all technological solutions and materials, as well as a specification of reinforcing steel.
11Drawings of plans and sections
Show the placement of all structural elements in the specified positions with the corresponding additional information. Depending on the complexity of the object, detailed drawings are attached, such as floor girders, lintels, floor slabs with details of reinforcement, connections of the truss system, and the geometry of steel elements.
12Engineering system projects
Technical specification

The description contains the adopted technological solutions and materials with all data and calculations related to each system.

13Energy characteristic

It includes an analysis of the possibilities of using traditional and alternative energy sources and heat supply, as well as the building's need for both energy sources.

14Water supply and Sewerage project

Diagram of the hot and cold water system for individual floors, taking into account the source of the water source (water supply network / well).

The scheme of the sewage system for each floor being designed, including the method for removing waste water from the building into a sealed tank with the possibility of pumping, a domestic wastewater treatment plant or a sewage system.

15Gas supply system

Diagram of a gas installation with the axonometry of the designed system. It is developed in projects where heating is carried out by means of a gas furnace.

16Central heating system

The design of a radiator or floor heating system is based on detailed calculations of the building's energy consumption. Depending on the selected project, the system may contain different types of heating sources, such as a gas or solid fuel boiler, heat pumps, or a water-covered fireplace. In some projects of houses there are projects for installing solar panels.

17Project mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

The project includes a diagram of supply and exhaust ventilation channels for individual floors, as well as the location of installation passages and detailed technical characteristics of the ventilation system. Some projects have developed a ground-based heat exchanger system.

18Electrical system project

Diagram of electrical installation on individual floors, including the location of the dashboard, light outlets, outlets for sockets and switches, as well as the design of the lightning rod. Some projects have a layout of photovoltaic panels.

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